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The Brain Health Education Institute has developed a range of apps to provide the community with free, easily accessible information about brain health and how to make it a natural part of your daily routine.

Brians Brain Book - A unique, interactive children's book featuring 'Brian the Amazing Brain' and his song about his need for good Food, Water and Sleep to keep his brain thinking properly. An ideal way to show children simple ways of keeping their brain healthy and how their moods, anxiety, feelings and behavior are affected by their Food, Water and Sleep. Developed and produced for early childhood educators and parents.
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The Brain Buddy Handbook - What to do if you are concerned about someone's mental health - Distorted thinking and mental health problems can be triggered by things such as a lack of sleep, dehydration, poor nutrition or stress and early implementation of healthy brain habits is a simple way to avoid mental illness. This free app empowers families to better understand how the brain functions and to establish improved Food, Water and Sleep habits. Practical, everyday ways for family, friends or colleagues to offer assistance and support when abnormal thinking and out of character behaviour is first noticed.
Toxic Thinking - Simple ways we can improve our Mental Health and recognise people at risk of developing Mental Health Problems. You can find all of the information in one place. An easy to find guide to Mental Illness issues and an action plan for our own mental health and what to look out for in our friends. People at risk can be recognised by changes in their Behaviour, Thinking and Feelings. Find out what to look for. If someone is becoming mentally unwell, they are generally unable to help themselves. Use this App to get assistance early before the problems become more serious. Also contains information on coping strategies for the family of someone with a mental health problem. Ideal for students, parents, teachers, counsellors and friends. Used extensively in schools by Guidance Officers, Teachers, Nurses and Chaplains.
Our programs are endorsed by The Deputy Prime Minister of Australia, The Queensland Health Minister, Local Government, Community and Mental Health Sectors, Education, Youth Development and Employment Services.

These FREE resources are being used by tens of thousands of people in more than 150 countries. New programs and resources are being developed regularly as distribution platforms evolve.

THE AMAZING BRAIN SHOW - Home Activity Sheet

The Amazing Brain Show engages children and their families in improving their emotional health and well-being. Its aim is to give children an awareness of their amazing, smart brain and the fact that it runs their body and is also responsible for learning, memory and for their emotions. It is very busy and needs proper care. Children, through our multimedia, see inside their body, their lungs, heart and intestines. They learn to respect both themselves and others.

Children are empowered by simple feedback loops to manage their health, both physical and mental. For example - Children learn how to tell if the are drinking enough water by the colour of their wee. They may have joined our wee police and inform you that the best colour for our wee is white wee - a pale, wheat colour. When we don’t drink enough water (yellow or orange wee), we may have headaches and feel tired. Click the image below to download a PDF version of the Activity Sheet.
Because we believe that every child deserves to know the importance of food, water and sleep for both their physical and mental health - and how to monitor them, we have developed an interactive multimedia Brain Health Education Pack for educators to use in the classroom.

Addressing brain health in early childhood is proving to bring about long term improvements in behavioural concerns, mental health issues, depression, anxiety, self harm, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, family violence and addictions.

Mental and emotional stability is founded on Nutrition, Hydration and Sleep  - FOOD - WATER - SLEEP